Comprehensive logistics

Your satisfaction is our priority. We shall prepare an individual logistics plan for you and ensure its implementation. We shall take care of your cargo comprehensively: we shall not only provide suitable transport and reliable storage and distribution, but also corresponding insurance and professional consulting.


We provide domestic and international transport. We realise pallet, full truck and distribution of parcels. We transport dangerous goods on ADR terms and you can also entrust express transport to us without any fears.


Warehousing and distribution

We have a big modern warehouse, which we have connected to sophisticated software. We distribute the cargo according to the individual requirements of the client.


Customs services

We also arrange for customs services, and thus relieve you of additional work.



We insure all consignments according to the applicable CMR standards. We also offer ALL RISK insurance up to 110% of the value of the goods. You simply tell us the value of your cargo and how you want to get it insured, and we take care of everything necessary.



We shall help you choose the best transport and we shall willingly and without undue delay solve any ensuing problem when your cargo is in transit. Do not be afraid to use our non-stop dispatch.