Warehousing and distribution

Leave it to us, we shall take care of everything necessary in relation to your transport. We provide warehouse and distribution services, which ease and make your work more efficient.


Our warehouse is connected to sophisticated software, thanks to which we know the precise location and condition of any item. We offer implementation of the BOP (business and operational plan) of the client. The prepared goods undergo a double check according to the delivery notes of the principal. We use the FIFO and FEFO methods. When receiving goods, we duly check their quality and quantity. We always do an ADR audit.



We distribute the goods according to the specific requirements of the client. We specialise in distribution in direct regime and collection services. We ensure distribution in the required temperature regime. We shall always notify you in time of the arrival of your consignment either by telephone, or SMS. We shall provide you with confirmed delivery notes also retroactively. We shall send you a transparent report every month.


The 3 biggest advantages of our domestic distribution

  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Placement of orders only 1 day before shipping
  • Non-stop customer dispatch