Collection service

Within the framework of the collection service, we transport consignments to Italy and Spain and also back into the Czech Republic. We transfer the consignments to our Czech terminal and from here we transport them by collecting trucks to the foreign terminals of our partner companies. These ensure their distribution to the final recipients. The entire process also functions in the opposite direction (i.e. from abroad into the Czech Republic). We also transport consignments of dangerous goods under ADR terms.

How does the collection service work?

  • We transport the consignment from the sender to a specific terminal
  • We prepare the consignment for transport to the destination country
  • We transport the consignment to a terminal at the given destination
  • We deliver the consignment to the final recipient


Advantages of our collection service

  • Low price: we maximally utilise the capacity of the collecting trucks and efficiently plan their routes
  • Regular departures of collecting lines: at least 1x/week to each destination
  • Transport of consignments weighing from 50 to 3000 kg: we solve larger consignments as full truck transport